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Nobody believes we can sell premium polos at such low prices. 

That's why we want to get samples in your hands. 

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Premium Quality

"Great Quality!"

Erik. H

TSS Customer

"same quality as my $90 polos"

Todd P.

TSS Customer

"I love this shirt."

Justin G.

TSS Customer

"surprisingly good" 

Jet L.

TSS Customer

"quality can't be beat"

Noah A.

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"quality is impressive"

Liam S.

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"My favorite golf polos"

James G.

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Use Code: TSSDEAL19

What Does "Premium Quality" Actually Mean? 


TSS Premium Fabric: Getting the Balance Right 

It's easy to add power to a golf swing...if you sacrifice accuracy. It's hard to get both at the same time. Fabric is the same: lightweight vs durability. Stretch vs comfort. Premium fabric is about getting the balance right. 

Lightweight + Durable

Premium fabric should be lightweight but durable. Too lightweight and the fabric isn't tough enough. Too heavy and it's uncomfortable. Our fabric is a highly tested balance between the two. 

Dry-Fit: Sweat-wicking + Evaporation

Golf is a warm-weather sport. Sweat is a major issue. You want fabric that wicks away sweat AND evaporates quickly. We use the best Dry-Fit tech to solve this issue. 

Stretch + Comfort 

Stretch lets the fabric flow with your swing. It's easy to add stretch to a shirt. But. 100% Spandex is not comfortable. Our fabric optimizes the balance between stretch and comfort.  

Looks Good After Washing

New shirts always look good. Looking good after washing is very hard: pilling, wrinkling, lint, etc. are all major issues. We extensively wash-test our fabrics to ensure they look great after washing.

TSS Premium Construction: Getting the Details Right 

A great golf swing is about getting a lot of small things right. Golf apparel is the same. Attention to detail on stitch density, thread quality, and symmetry are what make Premium Quality golf polos. 

High Stitch Density

Clothing with low-density stitching falls apart easily. More stitches cost more money. This significantly improves durability. We use the same stitch-density as $100 polos. 

Premium Thread Quality

The main reason you get holes in your seams is low quality thread. Thread needs to stretch with the fabric. If it doesn't, it breaks, or tears the fabric. The tensile strength of our thread is the ideal match to our fabric. 

Symmetry - Lining It Up

Do your button holes line up with your buttons? Are the sleeves the same length? We extensively check our shirts at the factory to ensure consistent symmetry. 

Who is Three Sixty Six?



Small Business

Three Sixty Six Golf was created in an effort to provide the best quality golf wear while helping to grow the game of golf.  

 We have a passion for excellence in the products we manufacture and strongly believe in making durable, comfortable, breathable, technical clothing without the costs associated with a big name brand.