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$18 Golf Polos+(free shipping)
Use Code MEMORIAL2023


We are focused on creating high quality, performance golf shirts at the best value possible. 
Our prices are so good that people don't believe it until they try it, so we are doing all the that we can to get the products in your hands. 

*Limit 1 promotion per person

Three Sixty Six makes the best golf shirts in the game. I'd put the quality up there with shirts that cost $80+. Can't recommend their stuff enough. 

Chris Downey

TSS Preorders Tester

Got offered the chance to be a tester for TSS Preorders. Deal was I get access to crazy deals and give TSS feedback on the process. Ok cool. They offered me a polo for $20, but I had to wait 4 months to get it. Didn't love the idea of waiting, but a TSS polo for 20 bucks? Ok. I ordered. Sure enough 4 months later it showed up on my doorstep. Top notch polo. I'm in for every preorder they do from now on.  

Jordan Pennington

TSS Preorders Tester

"I was a Three Sixty Six Preorders tester, and it was legit! At first I thought it was a scam, how were they giving me prices this good? And I had to wait four months? But they talked me through it and it made sense, so I gave it a try. It was awesome!!! I just want them to do more so I can get all my clothes for cheap!!"

Alex Whitt

TSS Preorders Tester